Women Support Centres

Christian Revival Centre Bethel Tabernacle Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry is responsible for issues affecting women such as HIV/Aids, general health awareness of women, marriage, and counselling. Their activities involve guest speakers and get-to-gathers.

Raquel Painap Member || 7325 2243 || 7687 3876 ||
Eda Hanua Foundation

Eda Hanua Foundation is a community based group that runs short trainings for women in the community. EHF’s main focus is on HIV/Aids awareness, combating gender-based violence and other social problems

Arith Pukuari President || 7182 3951

Margatry Loko Member || 7026 2783

Anna H. Miro Member || 7224 6267

Evangelical Lutheran Church – Southern Region Youth

To develop young women and men in self-reliant and obedient, law-abiding citizens of the country. Provides skills training workshops and gender violence advocacy activities.

Dika Napkai President || 7753 1958 || 7148 2727

7148 2727
Haus Ruth

Haus Ruth is a shelter and child abuse center run by Port Moresby City Mission, it also caters to victims of gender based violence and acts like a safe house for women and children who are subjected to family and sexual violence. It was first opened in 2003 and also provides a hostel for single working women.

Monica Richards || Manager, City Mission Haus Ruth || 320 3375 ||
Dorothy Koch || Administrative Manager || 320 3375 || ||

Ela Beach
Port Moresby
Phone: (675) 320 3375

320 3375
Papua Hahine Social Action Forum (PHSAF)

PHSAF endeavors to be the voice and forum for the people of Papua to work together in harmony for Papuan development.
PHSAF provides gender-based training programs, care and counselling and protection for victims of violence.

Matilda Koma President || 7232 6570 ||
Reginald Renagi Vice President || 7216 7105 ||
Loi Vele Treasurer ||7343 4211 / 7685 9156 ||
Eleina Ebutuna Member
Matilda Pilacapio Member

Catherine Natera Member

7232 6570
Women Leaders Network

A network of influential women leaders and their members who underwent Global Women in Management training run by Plan USA and supported by Exxon Mobil. This is a newly established organization that was established in 2014.
The network is working towards providing innovative and focused leadership, management, development and education opportunities to assist women leaders enhance and build skills in leadership to achieve positive socioeconomic development.

Cathy Alex Network President || 7207 4713 || ||

Stella Marie Kombul Executive Director || 7754 9846 / 7203 6504 ||

Hanua Hisiu Treasurer ||

Turiza Tandago Programing Committee Chair ||

Florence Bunari Membership Committee Chair ||

Sisa Kini Secretary || 309 7414 / 7190 6473 ||