Economic Empowerment

ANZ Banking on Women Group

ANZ’s Banking on Women program provides opportunities such as mentoring and careers development programs for ANZ female employees to build and foster relationships with women clients in comfortable, fun, and engaging forums, tailored to the interest of women in business and leadership, and to promote ANZ as a partner of choice.

Saima Kalis President || 323 3267 ||
Shanti Yaganegi Vice President || 322 3267 ||
Lasada Mamae Member || 322 3267 ||

National Development Bank – Women in Business Desk

The National Development Bank Women in Business Desk (NDB WIB) was established in 2010 to support and assist Papua New Guinea women in business. This came about as NDB aligned itself into achieving Vision 2050 and also to develop a vehicle for the economic empowerment of women in PNG so they can contribute to the well-being of their families and in the economic development process of the country.

Mataria Rupa-Tau Relationship Manager || 324 7500 ||
Angeline Rex Senior Relationship Officer || 324 7500 ||
324 7500
NCD Women Alliance Association

The organization aims to strengthen women through small loans to help facilitate them venture into small scale businesses and income generating opportunities.

Susie Towa Treasurer || 7358 3264
Shaun Davidson Public Officer || 7114 3380 / 7337 5012

7114 3380
Papua New Guinea Women in Maritime Association (PNGWiMA)

PNGWiMA focuses on advocating for gender equality and creating awareness on career opportunities for women in the maritime sector. PNGWiMA actively pursues programs and activities consistent with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The association is committed to empowering women in the maritime sector.

Emma Kaul President || 323 6187 ||
Silina Tagagau Executive Member || 312 2230 ||

323 6187