Health Centres

Eda Hanua Foundation

Eda Hanua Foundation is a community based group that runs short trainings for women in the community. EHF's main focus is on HIV/Aids awareness, combating gender-based violence and other social problems

Arith Pukuari President || 7182 3951

Margatry Loko Member || 7026 2783

Anna H. Miro Member || 7224 6267

Friends Foundation

An organization dedicated to helping prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and also to supporting mothers and children who are already living with the virus. Find them on Facebook as "Friends-Foundation."

Tessie Soi Founder/Director || 7168 7557 / 7683 3811 ||

7168 7557
Koyatuna Women’s Group

The group was established in 2013, it aims to enhance the lives of women in the Tufi area of Oro Province to be better, healthier, and happier.

Theresa Yariyari Director || 7192 1701 ||

7192 1701